Jumper/Urban Outfitters Sneakers/Zara Clutch/Kate Spade Pants/Benetton Sunglasses/Asos

Yes yes yes I'm back with my short hair again! And this time I'm more than happy with my decision!
oh and like for real, I'm always wearing this sweater. Since I bought it in London in the beginning of 2017, I couldn't take it off, haha! Oversized jumpers&sweaters in cute colors is my jam.
I have nothing new or interesting to share with you (but I'm very excited for this Friday because of fashion 4 breakfast event with Gabriele Gzimailaite, can't wait to meet her in real life for the first time!!) oh wait... I'm actually going to Paris next month so I'm crazy excited about that too!
Either way, let's keep in touch until Paris! Ofc beauty posts are coming this month so stay tuned;)

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