Urban Decay: What's new?

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First of all, I want to apologise each and every one of you for not posting at all.. I've been very busy lately and last year in high school is literally killing me.. I barely sleep LOL. I've been planning to do Urban Decay's box review 2 months ago (I got it right before Christmas) but it was either too dark to shoot the products or I had no time (oh how I wish that a day had 48 hours, not 24) But enough of the chit-chat, instead, let's talk about these new products that Urban Decay has recently launched!;)
So I know that other lithuanian bloggers have received these boxes too, but we got different products (and that's a good idea, knowing that you read other blogs too) Let's jump IN
  • Naked illuminated trio highlighters palette - personally, I really wanted to get the new eyeshadow palette, as I already have a lot of highlighters (not saying that I cried when I saw this in the box) so I hoped that this palette would be amazing at least... But I wasn't THAT in love when I first tried it, actually. I love to wear that blinding highlight on my cheeks, and these were just too light for me.. Still, I use the pink one as a blush and the one in the middle has glitter on top of it, so it looks pretty on the lips. But if you would ask if I would buy this palette myself, my answer probably would be no.
  • Vice Vintage lipstick "Pallor" - At first I was really amazed by the color, but once applied.. It's almost sheer! I went out with my lips looking like it was -20 cold outside and it looked like they were freezing.. Maybe next time I should try wearing this lipstick on top of another?
  • F111 detailed concealer brush - Urban Decay's brushes are amazing, and we all know that. I was very happy when I first heard that they started selling their brushes and came out with the whole collection! The ones they add to Naked palettes are so cool that I use them everyday - they blend the eyeshadow beautifully! And although it says on it that this brush is for concealer, you can use it in many different ways, for example, applying eyeshadow base or even doing eyeliner (it's a hard brush so you can draw those wings with it gurl)
  • Liquid Moondust cream eyeshadow "Magnetic" - I'm not a fan of cream eyeshadows, actually. But the color is really pretty and I love glitter! However, I think that cream eyeshadow requires a little bit of practise, and I would rather stay with the pressed ones. But if you got that makeup artist's hand (or love playing with makeup in general) - the product is great itself. It's long-lasting and highly pigmented!
That was it for today, let's hope that I will talk to you soon!<3


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