Clay mask from the organic pharmacy

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I had perfect skin all my life, but about a year ago something happened - I started to see more and more blemishes on it, my skin became full of blackheads, pimple scars and all those gross things. I started to freak out, as I've never had problems with my skin and all the time I was getting compliments on it. Something has changed and I started to miss my clear skin so much! I remember being that person who don't even use face cream, not talking about serums and all the crazy stuff! And suddenly I had to find out where the problem was - I even changed my diet, but nothing happened. In the summer my skin only got worse, so I decided to get a facial done by a cosmetologist (if you are interested, her name is Ernesta and she works at Grožio Akademija. I'm not sponsored by them haha just wanted to share this with you!) At first I was worried that it wouldn't help, but I'm so happy that I decided to give it a try! I had 2 facials done by now and my skin is coming back to normal, but of course, there are more things that helped me to clear my skin. One of them is this mask from It's a seaweed clay mask from the brand called "The Organic Pharmacy". And it actually works - the clay draws out impurities and helps remineralise the skin, the Seaweed calms redness and gives the skin and energising boost. Antioxidants from Pine Bark and Vitamin C bring back a radiant glow. After using this mask your skin will be fresh, clean and visibly brighter! If you have blemish prone skin, you should totally try this mask out! Use the code GABRIELE20 and get a discount off everything on site! Valid till 2017.01.31 <3

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