Fur coat/Vilniaus kailiai Turtleneck,pants/Benetton Bag/Marc B Boots/Public Desire Hat/H&M Watch/Kapten&Son

Happy Holidays!
As you can see from pictures, the weather in Lithuania is basically shit and as always, we had no white Christmas here;) So yeah let me apologise for these blurry pictures but it was raining and my lens got wet;))
Also, I will be selling this hat on my vinted because I'm so sick of seeing girls everywhere with similar hats??:DD Like, I bought it in the end of summer and now everyone has it:D My fave trend right now is fishnets (sad you can't see them in these pictures) but girls in Lithuania are too shy to wear them (I think) so at least something that I love won't become popular here:))
So yeah that was just a quick post, I'm currently lost in time (that weird time after Christmas 'till New Year) but I've already started packing things for my trip to London and I'm so excited!! Don't forget to check my social media, I'm sure that I will be posting lots;) (@fashion8addict everywhere;)

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