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Coat/Galliano Dress/Cos Bag/Moschino Boots/Public Desire Watch&Cuff/Daniel Wellington Sunglasses/Ultimate Collections
This padded coat is my favourite right now! Keeps me so warm and is super easy to style. Pair it with a sweater dress (which is both cozy and classy looking) and you will have a perfect ootd for Sunday shopping. Also, shout out to Public Desire for making coolest and most affordable shoes ever!
What's going on in my life right now? On Thursday we went to Vilnius to participate in Urban Decay stand opening. As you may have already knew, I was a makeup model, so that was a really interesting thing! I know a lot about makeup myself, few years ago I took makeup courses, so I'm always very interested in how other makeup artists work - everytime I get to know something new (and for free,lol)! The event was longer than we thought it will be, so we didn't make it to the train, neither to the bus, haha. I remember our frightened faces when we were in the bus station, thinking about how the hell will we get home.. Arune was sitting on the ground and charging her phone, me and Gabriele, ofc, were laughing because why be nervous right? Is it just me or not, but whenever I'm in a situation that is wrong at so many levels and you feel like you're going to burst into tears in a second, but instead you start making jokes about the situation and act crazy? But yeah, I think that we will remember those looks of strangers forever.. I mean, it was almost midnight, 3 young stylish girls sat in the station? And my makeup was so heavy, I remember starting to take my lipstick off because everyone was staring! So we decided to go to the Mcdonald's and think about ways of getting home there.
Luckily we got home with Gabriele's dad! He was our hero of the night, literally! It was the night that all of us will never forget I think:D I'm happy that we got home safe, phew!

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