à l'école

Glasses/Clic clacShoes/Dr Martens

Looking cute at school? It's possible. Even if you're like me, always late and never getting enough sleep, here are some tips for you:
* Get used to picking your outfit in the evening, the day before school (still trying to get used to this stuff, bc I just wake up, open my closet and pick whatever top that I see first)
* If you are just like me and you don't see the point in putting on makeup for school, but feel like your face looks dead without it, get a pair of glasses - even if you don't need them. You can get fake ones at Zara and etc. - with glasses you can look good even if you're not wearing makeup. They make your features pop and enliven your face(talking about me, in the morning I'm just too lazy to put my lenses in lol, so most of the time I'm wearing glasses)
* Don't forget to eat your breakfast and never go out without putting on moisturizer and lip balm!! Moisturizing is the key to success!

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