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16.09.14 Gabriele_91
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16.09.14 Gabriele_94

Sunglasses/Alexander McQueen
Clutch bag/Moschino

Haha it's so weird to see myself in this kind of outfit...heels? I'm such a sneakers person, I basically wear sneakers all the time! But yeah I bought this jumpsuit a year ago (I thought that it would be very wearable but omg, I was so wrong) and I paid like over 100 eur, so that's crazy. I literally thought it was THAT cute haha! But knowing me, that I wear bigger size clothes all the time, bc I just don't like tight clothes, wearing this... well, I didn't feel 100% in my shoes, but had to do it for the photos, right? Hope that you will understand how hard it was to shoot these photos in Kaunas, where everyone is here to judge you for this kind of outfit lol!

P.S Special thanks to Greta from Sesė Saulė for taking these photos<3

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