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I'm back with a new post! Baby pink IS my color
First of all, on June 26th I turned 18! Which is totally crazy because look at my face, I look like 12;) And the other day I went to order a new uniform for school and got asked if I will be a 9th grader:Dddd and I was like sure actually it will be my last year at school;) Ahh how I love having a baby face! Can't wait to go out and buy a bottle of wine to see cashier's reaction when I give him that ID;)
So summer is going great for me, I work at Naked concept store, I have the greatest friends, pool parties and parties, ladurees by the pool and I have lots of posts to do for you guys and I want to start my youtube channel this month so wait for that shit to come!

Stay FAB and don't forget to SLAY

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