Body lotion/ Pumpkin-seabuckthorn
Body scrub/Sweet strawberry
Face moisturizer/Lemon-orange

Moshi is a cosmetics brand based in Estonia. Moshi is a different brand - they use only natural ingredients, no crazy colors, minimalistic packaging and ironic names for the products (that's what I love the most;) I loved the body scrub because of it's sweet scent, but keep in mind that this scrub comes in chunky pieces. Body lotion is quite nice, but I didn't like the pumpkin scent. Smells very natural. Face moisturizer is a bit too heavy for summer time, and it has vitamin C in it, so if you use it in summer, don't forget to use a SPF! I feel that this moisturizer will be perfect for winter, when my skin will be dry and not that good looking. Overall, I really enjoyed testing these products out, so give it a shot, maybe you will find your favorite cosmetics brand. Good news are that now you can find these products at the Naked. concept store! We have not only these products, we also have shampoos, conditioners, and many different scents of the products. Come and pick yours!

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