Patchy patches

Backpack/Marga Masė
Sneakers/New Balance

I'm back, and I'm wearing dark lipstick! This one is from Chanel in color 110 Deluree. The outfit is quite simple, ignoring the fact that I was brave enough to wear shorts. I just don't like my legs, but you probably know that, haha. Oh and yes I know that almost every girl will have these shorts but you know, whatevs, I love them. Look at that TACO
Guess you're loving my backpack? Lithuanian strikes again! Marga Masė made a backpack for me, and just how I wanted it to be. You can choose everything, from bag style to the colors of details. Design is optional too! This is my fave bag right now, so you will see me wearing this A LOT.
Oh and the pictures are from yesterday, took them in Vilnius, before going to the NYX event. The event was awesome itself, but you know what? I've won the makeup challenge! Arūnė was my model, and I had to do a makeup on fairytale theme. We've had only 15 minutes, and we had to use only the products that were given to us in black boxes (One box for 3-4 pairs) But omg, we've won. How crazy is this? There were some cool makeup geeks, youtubers who did great jobs, but however, the judge (professional makeup artist) liked my job the most! And the prize was big heart shaped box full of makeup. Of course, I shared that makeup with Arūnė;) Aaand now I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel, like for real. So who wants to see some makeup videos?


  1. So much YES. From the slightly faded dark lip to the super cool shorts - gotta love!

    Iman @ Manigazer