Clothing/ Zara
Photos/ Justina Suminaite
Makeup/ Carolina.lt -  Milda&Marija

You can probably tell that I have no posts left, so I'll just keep posting random stuff! I'm sure that you saw some of these pictures on my instagram or facebook, but I thought that they would look cool on the blog so.
I'm that blogger who would rather write about daily stuff n shit than those boring articles about what I wore and why. But if you want to know, we just grabbed anything that was in nude at Zara. That's why I'm not completely satisfied with this outfit, well maybe because I'm not Arune who's tall and skinny (model material or how you call that) so I felt anti-cute but meh, whatever. The photo shoot was fun and we had great time, so it's all good! Also, Juste is an amazing photographer - you should check her works, she's so friendly and cool! And I loved my makeup which was done by Milda from Carolina.lt, thanks to her for not calling me an idiot when I asked her to cover my face in glitter and highlighters. Because if highlighter would be a person, it would be my favorite person in the world. But it's not a person, so I have Arka. She's that pretty blondie in the photos, and if you don't know already, she's my bestie for almost 12 years. It's good to finally have normal pictures with her, you know. Aand I don't know what more to say actually, so I just might end this post. Bye for now, keep checking this blog because it's summer you know, and I will be trying to be more bloggerish!


  1. I actually really love this outfit on you. Looks very elegant and chic yet a lot like your personality IMO! :)

    With Love,

    http://www.awostories.com | Instagram @imbrigita

  2. Hahaha I completely get you. Only so much one can say about an outfit! I love the clean cuts and blush cuts in this look. Also, yes to that make up! Subtle and chic.
    Much love xx

    Iman @ Manigazer

    1. Thanks gurl! I'm obsessed with your blog design! Have you done it yourself? Looks so cool and not basic!