F identity

Dress/ F identity
Leather jacket/ Sisley
Shoes, bag, belt/ Zara
Earrings/ Lindex
Sunglasses/ Make heads turn

Hey babes! So I had a very very cool week! On Thursday me and Inga went to Vilnius for Apoteca party, which was absolutely amazing by the way! Spent Friday with my friends, and today was an extra long day at fashion bazaar, where we were selling Bralett lingerie. Btw, Lithuanian brand Rudnė gave me a pretty pinkish dress so I will be blogging it soon! I'm so grateful for everything that happens to me as a blogger, I couldn't be any happier! Thanks to my readers bc you're basically the best people in this world.<3 
And special thanks goes to F identity brand, absolutely anti-basic project, where you can find your identity through clothes, because all clothes that they have are unique, you can only get one copy of each item;)
Off to watch the Eurovision song contest, even though I'm not the biggest fan of this contest haha. If you're foreigner, don't forget to vote for number 16, Donny;)


  1. That is the funniest thing ever! I just shared a blog post two minutes ago with a black&white striped dress and said how thankful I feel for the projects we get to work on as bloggers and I'm starting to watch Eurovision now too although I am not a big fan either. Speak about coincidence! Haha. Love the dress, looks amazing with your bob.

    With Love,

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    1. Haha we are def matching today! thanks for the comment<3