How to be a mermaid


Do you like these photos? I tried to edit them in other way and I'm very satisfied with the result! 
I'm more than happy to announce that I'm now the blogger - ambassador of Bralett lingerie! How cool is that? So you will see more amazing stuff and collaborations with this brand. I'm proud that it is made in Lithuania. Take a look at their website and become a mermaid with their bralette! They have some of the sweetest designs. Look at that lace, gurl!
Well, another thing that I got is this new fragrance "Air di Gioia" from Giorgio Armani. This scent is dedicated to the element of air and is aimed at the free, unpredictable woman. The new release reportedly evokes a sensation of the scent of freedom. It consists of a salt accord in the opening of the composition, a floral heart of lush peony, and a woody and sharp base of patchouli and cypress.  The scent is floral and sweet, so not really my type, but once I smelled them - the only word that went through my mind was summer! So if you are a fan of light scents, these will be just perfect for you! 
I still can't believe how am I getting these items. That's crazy! But of course, thanks to you, babes. No question that my readers are the best!<3


  1. Labai grazios nuotraukytes! Sudomino kvepaluose patchouli tad reikes juos pauostyt butinai! :D

    With Love,
    Bri | Instagram @imbrigita

    1. Yay, smagu girdeti! Siaip juokinga, nes galvoju, pabandysiu persisiust fotkes ir per vsco cam telefone susiredaguot. Dziaugiausi ir kad greitai, ir kad kokybe visiskai nepakito, tai jauciu dabar visada taip darysiu!:D