Spring vibes

Spring is my favorite season, so no doubt that I'm going to rock this season with expressive eye makeup, bright colors and brave outfits. To me Spring means to be reborn in all ways, no matter if it's your style, life, work or something else. 
This season will be full of pastel colors - pinks and blues mostly. Add both of these colors in your outfit and you will look just as beautiful as a flower haha! Don't forget to add some glitter (oh I love glitter so much) and sassy attitude to your look. Hottest things right now - crazy sneakers; colorful backpack; bomber jacket; raincoat (just pick a colorful one!); Patches on clothes; shoes with straps; glittery, gold or silver shoes; sarcastic bags (check Skinny Dip, LOVE their brand!); matte liquid lipstick, and you don't even have to have lips like Kylie's.
Oh, but what's most important - be CREATIVE and BRAVE! Screw what people say to you on the streets! Wear those gold sneakers, blind your haters;)


  1. Pritariu viskam siam sarase!!! Nekantrauju kol siek tiek labiau atsils, kad pradet nesiot bomber jackets, and I'm all for glitter as well! Blind them haters haha!

    With Love,

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    1. Yay, smagu girdeti, kad patiko!<33 #GLITTER4LIFE