Skies And Deserts

Coat/ Benetton
Body/ Agne Kuzmickaite
Jeans/ Zara
Backpack/ Accessorize
Sneakers/ Public Desire

Spring is finally here! After seeing that snow n shit I thought it would never come to Lithuania. To celebrate this cool weather I took my mom's jeans, which are 2 sizes bigger than my usual size but whatever, they are so pretty! And oh my goooosh, these sneakers from Public Desire are #goals ! So comfy and cute, you need these in your life, believe me.
Long story short: I may look cool but oh believe me, if I would take off these sunglasses you would see how tired I am. It was Spring break but I was attending project in VDU university, so this whole week I was running from one lecture to another, 11 am to 8 pm. Cool Spring break;) I feel so tired n shit... and school starts in 2 days;) But omg I loved being a student! And I met amazing people there! #happyhappyhappy

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