Shades of cool

Fur/ Vilniaus kailiai
Skirt/ Stefanel
Boots/ Patrizia Pepe
Sunglasses/ Aldo
Bag, fur pom/ H&M
Sweater/ Sisley

"My baby lives in shades of cool, cool heart, and hands and aptitude" - maybe you didn't know, but Lana Del Rey is my all time favorite artist! Her music inspires me, that's why this post is called "Shades of cool" or mostly because my shades are very cool. And I'm already coolest. So tell me I'm your National Anthem;) haha, I adore her music so much!
By the way, do you want to read more facts about me? Because writing about outfits can be very boring, I think that reading it is boring for you as well! Let me know what facts about my life you want to know or ask me questions in the comments, or you can send me a direct message on instagram, I do reply!

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