In bed with Egzotique

second copy
Underwear/ Egzotique

One more thing why I love blogging, is having to step out of your comfort zone. If 2 years ago someone would have told me that one day I will be posting pictures like these on the internet, I would have thought "what is wrong with me". Posting these photos is like a challenge, because I never fully liked myself, nor my body, but everyday I try to remind myself that I can't change my face or my genes. I can't be that model from instagram, because I am me. And that's it.
Remember, that skinny or pretty doesn't mean HAPPY. So who cares how you look? Be happy, do what makes you happy, love yourself, and never, NEVER compare yourself to others. You will never be her, but she will never be you!

Tip: grab your best friend and eat some cake for breakfast in your underwear. It's actually very fun! (just don't forget Beyonce)

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