Green fox

Coat;shirt;sweater/ Benetton
Fur collar/ designed by me haha!
Bag/ Zara
Hat/ Asos
Shoes/ Dr Martens
Pants/ Marella
Jewelry/ The Peach Box

Ignore my hair please...:Dd That's "after keratin" hairstyle (you can't wash your hair or tie them 48 hours after the treatment) But I LOVE my new hair! They are silky soft and straight, finally - my dream hair. Special thanks to The Peach Box for my accessories (unfortunately I can't show you my pearl earrings, because my face looks awful in these photos, and the close-up would be even worse) but you can see my rose gold bracelet, which I absolutely adore. The style itself reminds me of Cartier bracelets, so that's really cool, because The Peach Box offers you beautiful styles at low prices. Accessories come in black adorable boxes and are ready to be gifted. Be sure to check them out, and use code "tpb-fashion8addict" for 15% off!

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