Winter skin care

  Since it's -20 in Lithuania, I thought about writing a post based on skin care, and I know that you've already missed my beauty posts! I actually tried to count how many products I use for my skin, but well, it would be too much work for me to write about each product:D So today I will be talking about the main products that will keep your skin looking flawless! First of all, I never use cotton pads and those eye makeup removers, I just don't want to rub my face, so for the days when I'm wearing makeup, I use this cleansing mousse from Nivea. I bought this only because it was on sale and I was running out of my Filorga one, but when I tried it, I was impressed! The quality is amazing, and it really does the job. My Maybelline Sensational mascara is not that easy to wash off, but it seems like this Nivea mousse does it well. I don't know if it's still on sale, but I bought it from Drogas for ~4 euros.
Winter can really do harm for your face if you're not using face cream, so I would recommend this Emolium cream, which is actually for kids, but i's really good! It moisturizes and protects your face from cold, I recommend using it if your skin is very dry, too. You can buy it in any drugstore, for ~8 euros.
I think that for those who know Elizabeth Arden 8 hours lip cream, any Eos or Baby lips product seems like shit. It's quite expensive, but believe me, it's the best thing ever for your lips.
And this hand cream from Oriflame was a gift, but it turned out to be very flavorful (I love cinnamon so much), so I kinda like it. I use it daily and it seems that my hands are quite soft, so I guess it works. 

That's it for this post about winter skin care, stay pretty and warm!<3


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