Uoga Uoga

Powder/ Nemiegančioji Gražuolė (Never sleeping beauty)
Blush/ Persikutė (Peachy)

If you are lithuanian, you probably know Uoga Uoga. If not, you need to! Uoga Uoga is fresh, natural cosmetics brand, and they use only natural ingridients in their products. It all started from berries (that's why the name is Uoga Uoga, in english it means berries berries) I really like this brand, so I was really excited when I got the chance to collaborate with them! I chose the "Never sleeping beauty" foundation powder that is made of natural minerals and does not contain any harmful or unsafe synthetic additives. It is enriched with amber powder, which is traditionally used in Lithuanian cosmetics for its antimicrobial and healing properties. Foundation powder is designed to create an especially light and naturally looking make-up. It is based on mica, which reflects light and thus helps skin colour seem more even. Powder helps fight excess oil and gives skin mat effect. It does not clam pores, allows skin to breath easily. I love this powder so much, it feels great on skin and covers small blemishes. The "Peachy" blush now is my favorite, the shade suits all girls and looks very cute. I adore this brand, not only because they are natural, but because they are really good and price is normal too. Visit uogauoga.lt and choose your favorites now!

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