Fur Coat/ Roris
Sweater/ Ralph Lauren
Pants/ Marella
Sneakers/ Paul&Shark
Bag/ Zara
Knit snood/ Hugo Boss

A simply outfit for Monday - not too fab, but comfy. This fur coat keeps me warm throughout winter time. The green color in the outfit makes it more Christmassy looking so you eventually become a happier person (look at my super happy face, I think I was thinking about Christmas) My green fur pom pom is missing in this outfit, but I will show it to you in my next post! Hope that your week started better than mine (as you might have already know, I had to fix my broken iphone's screen today, but something is wrong with the new screen or with my phone again, so it's not really working that great)I want new phone really bad but you know, it's Christmas, I have to get presents and all that stuff, so nope, I'm not getting a new one:(
Maybe there's someone who wants to buy me an iphone 6s in rose gold? that would be nice
you know
better selfies

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