Black Velvet

Coat; turtleneck/ Benetton
Skirt/ Soho (second hand)
Bag/ D&G
Boots/ Chloe

Omg I'm so bad at editing photos! And posing. Can you spot a photo where I'm not looking to the ground? haha, me neither. What is wrong with me:DD
However, I think that this look is perfect for work or university (or school, if you don't have to wear uniforms) because it's like one of my laziest outfits, I just threw on whatever I saw that moment. That's basically called a stylish mess! Also there are huge contrasts here... designer items and a black velvet skirt which I got for 1,5 euro! Because you are stylish person only if you are creative. Fashion is art, so be an artist and buy clothes because you like them, not because of the brand!

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