Splurge vs Steal

If you are using Pinterest, you probably know what this post will be about! I love this project because you can get similar products cheaper! How cool is that? So I thought, why don't I try to do it myself? I grabbed few of my cheaper nail polishes and tried to find similarones in my mom's drawer...  

* Chanel 525 Quartz/ Essence Wild Craft 02 Out of the forest
* Orly 40752 Lucky Duck/ Maybelline Colorama 217
* MAC AC1 Cream Impassioned / Loreal 305 Dating Coral
* YSL 22 Beige Leger/ Loreal 102 Macaron Noisette
* YSL 10 Fuchia Neo-Classic/ Maybelline Colorama 830

Guess I will be doing more splurge vs steal posts in the future!

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