Halloween edition. Scream Queens

Hello idiots - that's what Chanel would say.
I would say hello my sweet potatoes. (sorry not sorry for my weirdness)
Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have your costume already? No? So what are you waiting for? 
Today I teamed up with other Lithuanian bloggers to show you something fresh, as always. Meet Inga (www.resplendentquetzal.com) and Arūnė&Rugilė (www.turkuozys.blogspot.com) For upcoming Halloween, we wanted to make something different (well, I did a similar post with Clueless) and we thought that dressing as Chanels would be a great idea, since we all love Scream Queens. (I highly recommend you start watching the series, because, their clothes though!)If you are wondering where are my outfit details, I will be posting another photos with close-ups and all that stuff!
I hope you liked the post, don't forget to check these girls out, their blogs are amazing! 
Bye, pumpkins <3