Fall 2015 makeup

Yaay I'm doing makeup trends again! This time I will be reviewing the hottest fall makeup 2015 trends! Are you ready to turn into a goddess? 

  • Dark lips. Well they are always fall's trendiest thing! And I don't want to hear any excuses. Dark lipstick looks amazing on every girl, just find the shade that will suit you the best!
  • HUGE eyelashes. Well, that's clearly me. #TeamBigLashes !
  • God bless the black eyeliner! This fall you can use your imagination to create different makeup variations with only one makeup product.

  •  #Healthy . My favourite makeup product this fall - coral blush. It makes me look healthier and more awake. Concealer + blush - that's my makeup choice for school! 

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  1. wow nice colors thanks for sharing :) zabiva.com