Vintageous Autumn

Turtleneck/ Second Hand 
Shoes/ Dr. Martens
Earrings/ Mune
(Click on each brand to visit their pages)
From NAKED. Boutique:
Jacket/ Coaty Coat
Bag/ hIDe 
Skirt/ Maple Propeller 

Today's post is different - I represent lithuanian brands house - Naked. boutique! I know that other bloggers did collaborations with Naked. too, but I decided to show a completely different side of this unique shop - I made this vintageous outfit for Autumn. You know me - I always stay true to myself and I don't want to copy others. I wanted to show that in this store you are able to find everything, no matter in what style you dress.  Big thanks to Naked. and all the brands: Coaty Coat, hIDe and Maple Propeller! You are making me proud! It's amazing to know that Lithuanian fashion industry is growing. Thank you for giving us, bloggers, a hand! 

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  1. Preppy outfit! Makes me miss school days... I love the tops seems to be comfy.

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