♡ Weekly faves #2

Lipstick/ Essence (15 "OH SO MATT!)
Lip liner/ Catrice (080 That's What Rose Wood Do!)
Body spray/ Bath&Body Works (Amber blush)
Brushes/ Ollie&Olivia

Well, my "Weekly faves" are more like monthly faves, but whatever. I've been loving nude lip colors this year so I bought the lighter nude lipstick from Essence, and it's so creamy and amazing. I'm not a huge fan of Essence cosmetics, but I've been using their lip products lately and they all are really good! This lip liner from Catrice is my new favorite lip product - it's consistency is really cool and I adore the color - it looks like nude mixed with pink-violet color, I love it! I use body sprays in the summer, so my newest addiction is this "Amber blush" scent from B&W Works. I got it in New York on sale, so it was only for 3,5$! I also have an "Amber blush" body cream which is amazing too. (I just freaking love Bath&Body works; I could live in that shop) And last but not least are these super cute brushes that I got at T.J Maxx! They are sooo good! (and so beautiful) I've been searching for more brushes of this brand on the internet, but I haven't found anything:( I would totally buy the whole set of these..

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  1. These makeup brushes have stolen my heart!
    Barbora/ Fleurerly