#Popcornish Birthday



Top; Bag/ Zara
Sneakers/ Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses/ Chanel (Inga's :D)
Skirt/ Bakko

It's our birthday. Let's eat some cake!

Happy 1st birthday, my beloved blog! (Actually it was yesterday, and I had this amazing photoshoot!)
My morning started in a really cool way, because Inga called me and said that I need to open my door! And there she was, standing with raspberries and a cute little pie in the middle! I even got adorable gifts from her. Gintare gave me little pink roses, so I was like, really celebrating this blog's birthday! I wanted to say a big thanks to all of you that wished a happy birthday to La Mode Frais!<3
This blog gave me so much. 1 year - 76 posts; new friends; 6 collaborations and many other things besides these. But the most important thing is YOU. Thank YOU, for reading, for believing in me and my blog. Being a blogger is not all about the clothes, followers and pictures, it's all about the connection between the blogger and the reader. It's all about YOU and me.

Sending virtual hugs to all of you...<3

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