The Pink Chihuahua

_MG_9032 _MG_8985 dw DEIMANTE_31 DEIMANTE_36 DEIMANTE_35
Dress/ River Island (Vinted)
Cardigan/ Asos
Bag; Hair jewelry/ Accessorize
Bracelet/ Karikartel
Shoes/ Pretty Ballerinas

Oh, how much I love this dress! I've found it on Vinted and it was love at first sight! (I think that's because of the pink color mostly, but I love dogs too, and by saying "love" I mean, like LOVE LOVE LOVE. I just adore them)
But first, let's talk about this little photoshoot. I want to say a big thank you to Deimante Dubauskaite (IDEA photo) for taking these photos! (and if you don't know, she's a friend and photographer of Ruta Gyvyte (Amoureuse De Mode) and she's one of my favorite bloggers!) And of course it wouldn't be me if nothing happens! For some reason I haven't heard my alarm clock so I woke up 3 minutes before my photoshoot:)) (that's how I make the perfect first impression) And I was stressing out when I've found out that I don't even have her phone number! But thanks to facebook, he saved me and I called Deimante. And as you can see photos are here now, so everything went well!
P.s Do you like these chihuahuas that are on my dress?


  1. Jau suknelė mielumo! Nežinau...Kiekvienas derinys vis gražesnis :) P.S. jei dar negyriau, šukuosena nepaprastai Tau tinka!

  2. Omg, kokia suknelė, labai labai graži :)