My pinkish purple birthday

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Dress/ Silence+Noise (Urban Outfitters)
Bag/ H&M
Head accessory/ Accessorize
Shoes/ Zara

(I look so high in the 2nd photo omg)

Just got back to Lithuania... Missing New York already! (Even though I slept for 10 hours I still feel weird and tired)

 That's the outfit that I wore on my 17th birthday - purple and pink combination; I thought I should wear these colors because you know, next year I will be an adult,
so why not dress girly and sassy today? (I mean, I will still wear pink color even when I will be old, because I don't care) And yeep, I got all this stuff in New York, because you know, SALE. And I still can't get over this dress, I got it only for 30 dollars, and before sale it was for 90! And the shoes, of course. Wanted to get the pink pumps for a few months and here they are! And I got them with discount, of course.