Mixing sugar with RQ


Dress/ Zara
Necklace/ Stradivarius
Sneakers/ New Balance

Look who's there! My gorgeous friend Inga from Resplendent Quetzal! You probably remember her from my old Team up/Look of the day post? Back then she didn't even wanted to be a blogger, but look what a cool fashion blogger she is now! I've been loving her style since we met.
It was raining all day and we were really unhappy with that. We've been walking in the rain for half an hour searching for the perfect place to shoot our outfits. Luckily, "Raw Inn" is a place with lovely employees and a wonderful lightning, and our outfits fitted perfectly with these walls!
That's all for my post, now go check www.resplendentquetzal.com for her outfit details! 

Kisses and bye-bye! (I'm off to read her post; want to see what she wrote about me;)

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