Amara Dolce Vita Luxury

Taverna - Greek a la carte restaurant

Turkish coffee

Those chocolates were seriously something to die for.
So as you can see already, I'm back from my extra amazing holidays:( (feeling super sad and depressive) This was my third time in Turkey but the most fantastic one. This hotel is like woaaah. Plus, you don't have to pay for anything (you just pay before your trip and that's it)
Heaven, seriously. Thanks to the gym and step aerobic (yaas, these activities are free of charge) , I gained no weight:D Because the food.. Omg. You can't be hungry in this hotel 'cause you eat like, a lot. Like you spend all your holidays just eating delicious foods and doing absolutely nothing. 
Also, they have Spa, mini zoo, and about 15 restaurants in it (many of them aren't free, you have to pay 15-30 euros for a person, but you can eat and drink everything)
It's simply a place which you have to visit, because I think that it's really hard to imagine all that stuff I'm writing about.
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  1. Nice post! Turkey looks sooo beautiful! <3

  2. cool. This place looks gorgeous!!!