Summer vibes

Crop top/ Mango; Skirt/ Apoteca; Sunglasses/ Asos; Bracelet/ Calvin Klein

Can't remember the last time I had so much fun. Like really. I think that it was of the weather we were having on Saturday here in Lithuania, because it was so hot (like in Summer) and I was sooo happy haha.(I adore Summer - my birthday, no school, travelling, meeting new people, staying up late's and starry nights) So I spent this Saturday with my girls, and yes, we were drinking coffee, like always. And no, this never gets boring, because I have the best friends in the world - thanks to you for my never ending laugh and those perfect endings of each other jokes we make. Love youuu

And now I'll give you some information about this very nice outfit 
 *cool face emoji with sunglasses*

I got this black crop top at Mango last Summer for 10€ (before sale it costed like 30so yaas) and I love it's material. And this amaaazing grey silk skirt is from Apoteca - it's a lithuanian brand. I like that I can wear it on my waist (see, this is like an ilussion, because you are allowed to think that I'm skinny, but I'm not, haha)
If you want to feel like a real queen you should get a long skirt, believe me. 
But please, don't wear those see-through, belted skirts, or whatever that is, just don't. Those skirts looks funny and if you want to be classy and sassy, don't wear that trashy;)
(Truth can be harsh, but you should listen to my advice if you don't want to be basic)

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