Clutch/ Kate spade NY ; Fragrance mist/ Victoria's Secret - Strawberries & Champagne; Lip balms/ Eos - sweet mint and strawberry sorbet; Makeup blending applicator/ Revive
So cute I'm gonna dieee -
These are all things that I got from US<33

Kate spade clutch is amazing - I just adore it, but there's not that much space in it , you can put your phone, money and maybe a lipstick, but nothing else:D
Strawberries & Champagne fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret - smells nice but not really my smell I would say, but I still use it everyday for school (because who cares how you dress, look or smell there). I had to get it because everyone has it - I just wanted to see what's so cool about it;) Of course I got this smell because it's not as basic as "Love spell" or "Pure seduction"
I don't get why girls are so obsessed with Eos lip balms? They are easy to use and comfortable, but I don't like the result that they leave on the lips - mine are still chapped. And again, as the "Baby lips" Eos is not long-lasting too. Cute package, lovely smell and I love that it tastes good, but I don't think that it is a must to have it:)
Revive makeup blending applicator - I don't really like using sponges for my face (and I don't really use foundation; I think that I use it max 5 times in a year) so I have already used this just  for once. I usually like to do my makeup as quick as I can (don't know how you girls can sit 2 hours or more painting your faces) so it's "not my thing" , because it takes more time than applying the foundation with your fingers or the brush. Also this sponge is kinda "hard" so sometimes it can feel like I'm punching my face while using it:DD


  1. Breathtaking! Like this post a lot!
    Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Amazing items, dear
    Love eos!