Look of the day: Glasses?

Fur coat/ Armani; Turtleneck/ Benetton; Skirt/ Stefanel; Bag/ Zara;  Boots/ Ugg; Bracelet/ Calvin Klein; Glasses/ Ray Ban

When did I get this fat?:D

Yeesh. Still no sun in Lithuania... I thought that Spring is finally coming but guess what, it's freezing again;))
Yaas, I usually wear lenses but I got an eye infection so I spent these days wearing my Ray Ban's.
I hate wearing them in public and I don't know why, they don't look that bad in photos:D Should I wear them more often haah?
Anyway, I were in Vilnius yesterday and my bestfriend took these pictures. ( thank you<3 ) 


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    1. Kaip visada labai malonu girdeti is taves! Aciu!<3 Ir labai smagu kad uzeini cia:>